RaiSim is a high-speed, super-precise physics engine crafted by RaiSim Tech Inc., designed specifically for simulating robots. But it’s more than just a robot simulator! You can use RaiSim to simulate any kind of rigid body with excellent efficiency.

Why should you use RaiSim?

  1. Speed: RaiSim has been benchmarked against other physics engines, and it’s super fast! Check out the benchmark here [1]

  2. Accuracy: There’s a bunch of papers that highlight just how precise RaiSim can be. Take a look at these academic works for more details: [2, 3, 4, 5, 6].

  3. Ease of Use: RaiSim is the easiest C++ simulation library to pick up and use!

  4. Minimal Dependencies: RaiSim only depends on STL and Eigen, so there’s less things for you to worry about.

System Requirements

  • Linux: We suggest using Ubuntu 20.04 or higher. Make sure your X86 CPU supports AVX2 instructions (Intel Haswell or newer).

  • Windows 10: You’ll need Visual Studio 2019 or newer. Only X86 CPUs are supported.

  • Mac: Keep your OS up to date! Your system needs to support the AVX2 instruction set. Both M1 (Apple ARM) and X86 systems are okay.

Example Code

Here’s a quick taste of how you can use RaiSim to simulate a world with a robot and a ball. You can visualize this using RaiSim’s Unity or Unreal tools.

#include “raisim/World.hpp”
#include "raisim/RaisimServer.hpp"

int main() {
  // Set your activation key

  // Create a new world
  raisim::World world;

  // Add a robot
  auto anymal = world.addArticulatedSystem(PATH_TO_URDF);

  // Add a ball
  auto ball = world.addSphere(1, 1);

  // Add the ground
  auto ground = world.addGround();

  // Set the time step for the simulation

  // Launch RaiSim server for visualization
  raisim::RaisimServer server(&world);

  // Loop the simulation
  while (1) {

  // Terminate the server

And here’s a simple CMake file to compile the above code:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.10)
project(raisim_examples LANGUAGES CXX)

find_package(raisim CONFIG REQUIRED)
find_package(Eigen3 REQUIRED)

include_directories (${EIGEN3_INCLUDE_DIRS})

add_executable(APP_NAME ${file_name})
target_link_libraries(APP_NAME PUBLIC raisim::raisim pthread)
target_include_directories(APP_NAME PUBLIC ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/include)

Want to see it in action? You can find a working example here!